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Ryan Taylor is a Master Freestyle Hand Drummer, Healing Drummer, Composer, creator of Medicinal/Healing Rhythms, Drum Circle Facilitator and Spirit Drummer. Ryan's brand of drumming is a blend of ancient rhythms fused with modern day techniques, resulting in creating a worldwide cross cultural practice used as a means of connecting communities, cultures, families and individuals to the original fabric of life. His style and technique has been felt and experienced by many in the US, UK, Greece, Mexico, Haiti and Africa. While on his travels and with the numerous groups he's presented for, most would say the drumming he shares and teaches has truly revitalized one's "Spirit". Thus the phrase was coined, "Spirit Drumming". The term Spirit can be used in many different ideologies; an attitude marked by high energy and enthusiasm, being in high spirits, strong dedication and loyalty.

Spirit Drumming is intended to bring forth the energy of creation, connection, teamwork, synchronicity, positive outcome and pure joy!

Life is about rhythm. We vibrate, our hearts are pumping blood, we are a rhythm machine, that's what we are. -Mickey Hart

Upcoming Events

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Sacred Rhythms Drum Immersion

Are you feeling a little disconnected? Perhaps a little less grounded or a bit out of sorts? Are you looking to get your "groove back"? Great! Let's get together! 

This transformative workshop retreat in April will immerse us into the world of ancient rhythms and drum techniques that have been used for thousands of years to realign us with our common interests and goals, removing negative thought patterns and allowing for a positive mindset as well as connecting us to the fabric of life that we often loose track of.

Two brand new CD's now released. Infectious Groovz and The Cosmic Travel Lodge.

Both are a celebration of an array of World Sacred Drumming and Ambient Grooves.

Listen to the track samples and find purchasing info on the "Music" page.

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