Ryan Taylor DRUM

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"Spirit Drumming is like an organic compulsion to translate the emotional fact of being alive into sound, into rhythm and into something you can dance to. This excitement we feel, when we hear it, tells us that the door into other realms is opening" -Mickey Hart

Ryan is a Spirit Drummer/Drum Circle Facilitator/Healing Drummer and creator of Medicinal and Sacred Healing Rhythms. Spirit Drumming is an ancient, worldwide cross cultural practice used as a means of connecting communities, cultures, families and individuals to the ultimate Source of Creation.  Sacred Spirit Drumming is a powerful and accessible practice to connect people from all walks of life, back to their primal and ancient sacred knowledge of oneness, back to a means of feeling all the rhythms of life.

Ryan Taylor (Cosmic Travel Lodge)

Brand New Track from the CD; Cosmic Travel Lodge. This is TV56!